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Matthew 28:19

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...

YOU can make a difference...
Faith without works is DEAD...
Help us establish His Kingdom before His return...
  • Church Planting

    In many countries where poverty abounds,a place of worshsip is needed. This can ensure the gathering of the saints.

    Give A Bible

    The Bible is the true word of God. You can sow a Bible into the hands of those who cannot afford one. Make a difference

  • Bore Holes

    Water is a much needed resource in many rural parts of India. Clean drinking water is scarce. Help us plant a bore hole...

    Disability Advocay

    Many disabled dont know about Jesus Christ. Many are neglected and suffer abuse. Ian himslef had to suffer this hardship....


Thank you for visiting our ministry. We seek to establish a witness for our Lord Jesus amongst the poor people of Umkomaas by assisting them through charity with the help of our donors and sponsors. We would never had achieved much with your prayers and support throughout this year. We are looking forward to more people catching the vision of this end times ministry and joining us in the near future...

What We Do

As servants of Jesus Christ, we are able to do the following services on faith basis. That is why we registered for non profit status.Therefore we cannot do these things without YOUR kind donations and help...

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